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The Mendocino Biochar Workshop
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Meet the Experts and Learn How Biochar  Can Improve Your Soil

Biochar Workshop at the Solar Living Center
Sunday Nov. 12th    1 P.M. to 3 P.M.
In the Yurt at the Solar Living Center
13771 US-101, Hopland, CA 95449

Co-sponsored by Sonoma Biochar Initiative, Sonoma Ecology Center, and the Redwood Forest Foundation,
with support from the Solar Living Center.

Learn about how biochar can enrich and improve your soil (and thereby your plants!).  You will learn:

  • The many uses and benefits of biochar
  • The different technologies used to make it
  • Why it is critical to pre-charge it with nutrients before applying
  • The differences between biochars
  • Why biochar is considered the coral of the soil
  • Different methods for making biochar yourself, including the Conservation Burn technique
  • Application rates
  • How and where to apply it in your operations
  • Observations on how biochar improves terpenes and why so many grower-focused soil companies have started adding biochar to their products
  • Where you can purchase high carbon, locally made biochar in Mendocino County.
There is a large amount of misinformation about biochar out there and we will help you cut through the hype. 

Learn from two biochar veterans that have been involved in different aspects of the biochar industry for years:
Raymond Baltar, the Director of the Sonoma Biochar Initiative and Biochar Project Manager for both Sonoma Ecology Center and the Redwood Forest Foundation, has been involved with biochar education and policy initiatives since 2009. He manages the Redwood Forest Foundations biochar production facility in Piercy, CA, as well as a major Department of Water Resources biochar grant project for Sonoma Ecology Center that seeks to measure biochar's ability to save farmers water and nutrients.

Cuauhtemoc Villa manages the agronomic operations of a large farm in Oregon and is a teacher, entrepreneur, and soil consultant. He has been using biochar as a soil amenendment in farming settings for years. He brings a wealth of practical knowledge regarding biochar and soil microbiology, and has some significant observations regarding terpenes and plant growth improvements that he will share.

Tickets for this event are just $20 and available here. The venue has limited seating so we recommend registering ASAP. We have 5 Scholarship tickets available for students and seniors on a tight budget.  We want to encourage young people to attend and have received a grant that will allow 5 deserving people to attend.  Please contact Raymond Baltar directly at 707 291-3240 to register for a scholarship.

North Coast Biochar being made in Piercy, Mendocino County

Redwood Bark

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