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2013 Annual Appeal

Annual Update
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From Chairman Kathy Moxon's Desk---

Kathy Moxon Thank you for your support. Your generosity has made it possible for RFFI to move forward in important ways.

As the year closes, it is rewarding to look back and see all that RFFI has accomplished and to take a glimpse at the upcoming year.

The list is long, varied and exciting. Some of it was on our to-do list and other promising opportunities presented themselves as the year unfolded.

  • President and Chief Executive Officer. RFFI is pleased to have our new President and CEO, Mark Welther, on board. Mark took over the helm in August 2013, bringing impressive experience to RFFI from his work with the Golden Gate Chapter of the Audubon Society and the League of Conservation Voters. Please get to know him!

  • Founder's Dedication. RFFI honored our conservation partners, The Wildlife Conservation Board, The Conservation Fund, State Coastal Conservancy, Save the Redwood League, and Donald S. Kemp and Edgar Kemp on June 12, 2013, by dedicating majestic old redwoods in their honor. A memorable event celebrating the essential role that they have played in conserving Usal Redwood Forest and furthering RFFI's mission was held in Founder's Grove deep in the Usal Redwood Forest.

  • Timber Harvests. RFFI has two timber harvests underway on the Poke Easy and WRP tracts in Usal; approximately one million board feet of predominantly Douglas fir will be removed. The Campbell Group, our forest manager, has contracted with a number of private companies in the region, including Anderson Logging, Northwestern Timber Falling, Inc. and Antone Schlafer. Logs are being delivered to the Schmidbauer Mill in Eureka and the Agwood Mill in Ukiah. We will be developing eleven new THPs for use over the next several years in order to balance our timber management and conservation goals.

  • Vegetation management. RFFI has committed to a three year moratorium on the use of herbicides while we create a long term strategy for vegetation management and forest rehabilitation to restore conifer dominance.

  • Biochar Demonstration Project. This project dovetails with RFFI's vegetation management decisions. Our biochar conversion unit is being built and will be put into service in 2014. Thinning of the 10 acre demonstration plot is underway in accordance with UC Extension Greg Giusti's Ecological Assessment of Biomass Thinning in Coastal Forests. Next year, we will complete a market study, sales distribution plan, and producers guide for biochar use. RFFI will host several demonstration tours to help other producers replicate this innovative conservation practice.

  • Partnership with Humboldt State University. RFFI is working with Humboldt State University (HSU) to analyze the production efficiency and product characteristics of our biochar production process. This partnership will result in quality third-party data that will increase the viability of the biochar pilot.

  • Acorn Orchard. RFFI's continues our partnership with our Native American neighbors to restore traditional tribal uses of this Usal Forest grove.

  • Another Working Community Forest. RFFI has been working with the County of Humboldt and the Trust for Public Land to complete the purchase of 1,225 acres from Green Diamond for a working community forest on the edge of the city of Eureka. That purchase should close very soon!

  • Community Engagement. RFFI staff and consultants are exploring many options with various community groups to determine mutually beneficial ways for the community to use Usal Redwood Forest.

Please help RFFI continue to invest in our regional community. As we approach the season of giving, please consider a year-end gift that will generate returns for all for generations to come.

Kathleen Moxon

Redwood Bark

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