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Redwood Forest Foundation Honors
Volunteers of the Year

July, 2013

At their Annual Meeting and Barbecue on July 13, 2013, the Redwood Forest Foundation (RFFI) honored three local residents as Volunteers of the Year.

Every year RFFI honors a small group of individuals who have given generously and effectively of their time to help the organization carry out their mission. Generally, these talented volunteers function as adjunct staff members, performing essential duties.

RFFI Volunteers of the Year (l to r) Warren DeSmidt, Judy Harwood and Jeff Hedin.
RFFI Volunteers of the Year (left to right):
Warren DeSmidt, Judy Harwood and Jeff Hedin.

RFFI's Volunteer of the year for 2013 is Warren DeSmidt, a Mendocino coast resident. Warren has played an ongoing role in fundraising and public relations for RFFI. This year he is also serving as a volunteer in the Biochar Demonstration Project.

In addition, RFFI honored Branscomb resident, Judy Harwood, one of RFFI's Volunteers of the Year for 2012, who was not available last year to receive her award. Judy has played a crucial role in the development and initiation of RFFI's Biochar Demonstration.

Also honored for 2012 was Jeff Hedin of Piercy, who gives tirelessly of his time in a number of different capacities. Jeff provided leadership and served as RFFI's representative in the Nick's Interns program, engaging youth in restoration efforts on Usal Redwood Forest, led others in the mapping our forest, and served as an advisor for prospective Native American and Nature Study and Recreation areas at the McCoy Creek site. He assists with Annual Meetings and hosts RFFI meetings at the Piercy firehouse.

Each of the honorees received a round of applause from the lively group of RFFI supporters. The participants joined RFFI's Board and Advisory Committee members to honor the volunteers, welcome RFFI's new President and CEO, Mark Welther, and to discuss RFFI's work and plans for Usal Redwood Forest.

Click on a link below to learn more about each volunteer and to read their thought-provoking remarks:

Warren DeSmidt
Warren DeSmidt
Judy Harwood
Judy Harwood
Jeff Hedin
Jeff Hedin

Past Years' Honorees: Sharon Edell, Edward Duarde, Mary Powers, Art Harwood and Jon Krabbenschmidt.

2013 RFFI annual meeting
2013 RFFI annual meeting

2013 RFFI annual meeting
2013 RFFI annual meeting... & barbeque

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