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Spring 2016 Newsletter

Restore It and They Will Come
by Mark Welther
"Reports of at least eight Coho in the headwaters of Anderson Creek ... AND more higher-up in little bits of gravel ... not that far from Lynch's Opening. That's really good spawning and rearing habitat up there!"

- Richard Gienger, RFFI Restoration Chair to Mark Welther

Mark Welther
Mark Welther
President and Chief Executive Officer
Redwood Forest Foundation

Enthusiastic reports like Richard's and many other Coho lovers are documenting a rise in fish populations in RFFI's Usal Forest. RFFI's years of stream restoration, coupled with heavier early winter rain, are clearly producing results. Let's hope that El Nino will keep bringing us the promised water.

The Usal Forest encompasses some of the best cold water salmon habitat in the South Fork of the Eel River, which itself is one of the most important salmon streams in Northern California. That's why RFFI and our partners at Trout Unlimited, the Eel River Watershed Improvement Group and Pacific Watershed Associates are aggressively working to continue decommissioning roads and restoring the South Fork tributaries of Anderson Creek, Indian Creek and Standley Creek, as well as Usal Creek. This work is part of RFFI's property-wide Restoration Plan, currently under development, which emphasizes the restoration of our streams. The future is bright for fish at Usal!

It is bright, that is, with your help. By now, you have heard about RFFI's ambitious two-year $5.6 million Redwood Forests for Our Future (RFFOF) campaign. We have already raised more than half of the funds needed for Usal's priority restoration projects. All funds raised for this campaign will go toward restoration, innovative forest practices (including no-herbicide vegetation control), workforce development and education. Please contribute to RFFOF today! Your contribution will help to restore the forest's health and clear the way for all of its species to return - including fish.

Like the fish populations, RFFI, too, is growing. Our recent accomplishments include:

  • In 2015 we hired our own forest management team, comprised of BBW & Associates and Registered Professional Foresters Kevin Whitlock and Stephen Smith.

  • In September, we were awarded Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, which is a condition of our 2011 conservation easement and carbon project.

  • Our Biochar Demonstration Project was completed successfully and the ENTIRE inventory (22,000 pounds) has been sold. We are now evaluating sites closer to the Usal Forest for possible relocation of the biochar machine this summer.

  • In October our new office opened at 528 S. Main Street in Fort Bragg.

  • Two new positions were created: Johanna Cummings is our first-ever volunteer coordinator. Eli Henderson is helping us set up our new office. A business manager is soon to be hired.

  • Perhaps most importantly, we've completed registration of RFFI's carbon sequestration project with the Climate Action Reserve, which will allow us to be paid for leaving trees standing. This is a major step in our carbon program, and we hope to complete the final step, registration with the California Air Resources Board, this fall.

We at RFFI are just getting started, and we need your help. There are more streams to restore, more fish to attract, more threatened species to protect and more forest jobs to create. Please make a contribution to Redwood Forests for Our Future campaign today. Then Save the Date for RFFI's biggest party of the year, our Annual Meeting this July 23rd. Be a part of our growth and our bright, diverse future.

Redwood Forests for Our Future

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