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Spring 2017 Newsletter

Two Birthdays!!
by Kathy Moxon, Redwood Forest Foundation Board Chair

Kathy Moxon
Kathy Moxon
Board Chair
Redwood Forest Foundation

The idea that a community could own and manage industrial timberland for the long-term benefit of residents was the brainchild of a dedicated group from Mendocino County in 1997. Today RFFI works to fulfill the dream of a forest that provides economic, environmental and social returns to the community—no small challenge. This is a year for celebration; not only does RFFI turn 20, we have owned Usal Redwood Forest for 10 years! We bought Usal in 2007, the year before the 2008 economic meltdown, which virtually shut down the timber industry. We are just now seeing a rebound of log prices.

In addition to our birthdays, we are celebrating our new forestry team under the leadership of Linwood Gill, a long-term Mendocino coast resident, whose values are well aligned with RFFI’s mission. We are still doing light touch forestry; revenues do not cover expenses. You can invest in forest recovery and RFFI’s vision by becoming an active supporter. There are many opportunities and ways to contribute to this dream. Go to now and help make our community forest a success.
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Spring 2017 Newsletter
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