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Spring 2017 Newsletter

Team Up With RFFI To Honor
Your Employees And Customers
Expanded online version

Join the growing number of regional and national companies that partner with RFFI to have redwoods planted in honor of valued customers and employees. Our Plant A Redwood business partners may be found in Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, Manhattan, Monterey, San Francisco, San Rafael, Santa Monica and Santa Rosa.

Partners tell us, “The response is amazing!” RFFI benefits from the support and expanded visibility. One supporter, California Roots, treasures our partnership and featured RFFI in numerous media releases and at their Memorial Day week-end, California Roots Music and Arts Festival. Our rep, Elias Henderson, greeted thousands of visitors!

Other RFFI partners Gensler, a San Francisco-based architectural firm, and Tree Media have had close to 1,000 redwoods planted to honor clients around the globe. “Best reaction we ever received from an annual gift to our clients!” Tree Media reported. Tree Media has currently expanding this partnership to include filming RFFI’s work as part of “Ice on Fire,” a DiCaprio HBO documentary that will air in 2018.

Financial planner, Lewis Weil of Money Positive, in Austin, TX has a redwood planted for each new client. He has been so gratified by the response that he is planning a volunteer financial residency on the Mendocino coast to help local residents with financial planning.

Our newest partner, Benziger Winery and The Wine Group will soon unveil a redwood planting sponsorship in retail outlets in the redwood region.

Tailor a partnership with RFFI to support redwood reforestation, while honoring your valued clients and employees. Read about other partners here. For more info about
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Spring 2017 Newsletter
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