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Ferns in Redwood Forest, photo credit: Greg Jirak  


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Who We Are

Usal River, South Fork As with all non-profit corporations, the RFFI board is responsible for operation of the organization.

RFFI also has an advisory committee that provides the board with community input.

RFFI Board of Directors
  • Kathy Moxon, Chair
  • John Rogers, Secretary
  • Candace (Candy) Skarlatos, Treasurer & CFO
  • Mike Balok
  • Richard Gienger
  • Heidi Knott Gundling
  • Steve Pearson
  • Jeff Romm
  • Kendall Smith
  • William Snyder
  • Bill Wilkinson
RFFI Staff and Consultants
Redwood Forest Council
Community Advisors
  • Chris Blencowe
  • Wesley Chesbro
  • Warren DeSmidt
  • Sharon Edell
  • Lillian Frazier
  • Paul Harper
  • Art Harwood
  • Jeff Hedin
  • Bill Heil
  • Louis Hoaglin
  • Madelin Holtkamp
  • Erin Kelly
  • Don Kemp
  • Jon Krabbenschmidt
  • Jim Larson
  • Gabriella Levine
  • Darcie Mahoney
  • Louisa Morris
  • Linda Perkins
  • Nonae Sears
  • Stephen Smith
  • Roger Sternberg
  • David Wright
  • Amy Wynn
  • Steve Zuieback

Redwood Bark

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