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Ferns in Redwood Forest, photo credit: Greg Jirak  


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Give A Gift To The Planet

Support Natural Solutions to Climate Change
With a Gift to the Redwood Forest Foundation!

Beautiful Forest

Please give a gift to the planet. Your gift will address climate change, catastrophic forest fires and drought simultaneously.
Your gift to the Redwood Forest Foundation, Inc (RFFI) supports three of the five natural solutions recommended in the October Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report.
  • RFFI acquires, conserves, restores and sustainably manages over 50,000 acres of redwood forest
  • Redwood forests sequester more carbon per acre than any forest on the planet
  • RFFI owns and manages one of the largest forest-based carbon sequestration projects in the nation
  • RFFI plants redwoods -over 110,000 redwoods since 2010
  • RFFI restores depleted forests, prevents forest fires, by removing and converting forest thinnings to biochar
  • RFFI's North Coast Biochar is placed in the soil to improve soil, save water & store carbon for hundreds of years

Your gift addresses climate change, supports healthier more resilient forests, improves fish & wildlife habitats, filters and increases the water supply, while creating jobs and providing recreational and educational opportunities for our region’s residents.

Thank You!

RFFI's North Coast Biochar ready to go into the soil

Volunteers planting redwood seedlings

Reforestation and forest restoration bring salmon back to our streams

Latest News About Climate Change Solutions From
U.S. Reports and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Redwood Bark

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