Usal Forest
Salmon Habitat Restoration
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RECONNECT our communities to the timbered landscape building strong partnerships for management and traditional use

RESTORE habitat for salmon and other wildlife and utilize regenerative forest management techniques to improve forest complexity and long term productivity

RESPOND to climate change by growing larger, older trees sequestering more carbon and taking steps to increase its resilience to fire, protecting Usal carbon stores

RFFI Welcomes New Program Director

Redwood Forest Foundation Inc (RFFI) is pleased to announce the hiring of Alicia Bales as our new Program Director. She will spearhead RFFI’s efforts to facilitate meaningful community involvement in the future of our region’s forests. Alicia is a well known voice in Mendocino County, with decades of history as a community radio journalist and local community organizer. Her background fits exceptionally well with RFFI’s mission to acquire, restore and manage depleted forest landscapes through inclusive community engagement to benefit the environment and the well-being of the community.

Read More About Alicia Here

RFFI Seeking New CEO

We are looking for our next President/CEO, someone who can strengthen RFFI both financially and organizationally, showcase Usal Forest as an outstanding model of community driven forestry, increase community engagement and expand this model of community ownership and forest management to additional lands 

This is an opportunity for someone with a passion for forests, a commitment to climate change mitigation and a vision for active community engagement to step into a leadership position.  A competent and committed Usal forestry staff and a fresh and energetic RFFI support staff, as well as a board that has demonstrated a long-term commitment to RFFI and its goals will support the new President/CEO. For a complete list of job duties and instructions for applying Click Here