Usal Forest
Salmon Habitat Restoration
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RECONNECT our communities to the timbered landscape building strong partnerships for management and traditional use

RESTORE habitat for salmon and other wildlife and utilize regenerative forest management techniques to improve forest complexity and long term productivity

RESPOND to climate change by growing larger, older trees sequestering more carbon and taking steps to increase its resilience to fire, protecting Usal carbon stores


Thank you to the hardworking RFFI Volunteers who came out to the Usal Redwood Forest this spring to help with the French Broom Pull on May 20 and the Sudden Oak Death Blitz on June 11!

The time you spent in the forest made a meaningful difference.

You cleared an important area of French Broom at the main entrance at the WRP Road, RFFI’s main access through the property. By pulling established plants before they set seed pods, you eliminated Broom from the area and stopped millions of invasive seeds from being transported throughout the forest by vehicle tires.

You collected leaves from California Bay Laurels at three different sites on RFFI for testing to find out if Sudden Oak Death is present there, and to help UC Berkeley track the spread of this devastating pathogen in our region.

You put the Community in Community Forestry. Thank you!

RFFI Seeking New CEO

We are looking for our next President/CEO, someone who can strengthen RFFI both financially and organizationally, showcase Usal Forest as an outstanding model of community driven forestry, increase community engagement and expand this model of community ownership and forest management to additional lands 

This is an opportunity for someone with a passion for forests, a commitment to climate change mitigation and a vision for active community engagement to step into a leadership position.  A competent and committed Usal forestry staff and a fresh and energetic RFFI support staff, as well as a board that has demonstrated a long-term commitment to RFFI and its goals will support the new President/CEO. For a complete list of job duties and instructions for applying Click Here

Linda, Cob and Behr gather leaves from California Bay Laurel trees at Usal Redwood Forest that appear symptomatic for Sudden Oak Death. The specimens were sent to the UC Berkeley Forest and Pathology Lab for testing as part of the 2023 SOD Blitz, June 20, 2023.

Volunteer Jude Rodriques tackles a clump of invasive French Broom along the WRP road at Usal Redwood Forest, May 11, 2023

Patrice and Daphne use a weed wrench to remove a French Broom plant on May 11, 2023

The Sudden Oak Death Blitz Volunteer Crew, Usal Redwood Forest, June 20, 20230558: Volunteer Jude Rodriques tackles a clump of invasive French Broom along the WRP road at Usal Redwood Forest, May 11, 2023