William Snyder

Redwood Forest Foundation Appoints Santa Rosa Resident William Snyder, Former Cal Fire Deputy Director, to Board of Directors

Santa Rosa resident, William Snyder, was recently appointed to the Redwood Forest Foundation’s (RFFI) Board of Directors. Kathleen Moxon, RFFI Board Chair, welcomed Mr. Snyder. Ms. Moxon stated that the former Cal Fire Deputy Director’s experience in both the public and industry forestry sectors would be extremely valuable to RFFI, a not-for-profit organization that owns, sustainably manages and conducts extensive forest and watershed restoration in the Usal Redwood Forest in northern Mendocino county. In addition, RFFI produces biochar and conducts extensive redwood reforestation throughout the redwood region for the benefit of the community. RFFI President and CEO, Mark Welther, states, “We are happy to welcome Bill Snyder to the RFFI Board of Directors. Bill adds invaluable forest management expertise and a deep understanding of forest-related governmental regulations. Over the past two years, Bill has also provided enormous assistance on Usal Forest projects as a volunteer, and we look forward to his continued contribution to RFFI’s mission.”

Mr. Snyder retired as Deputy Director of the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) in 2013. He was responsible for oversight of the Department’s Forest Practice, State Forests, Climate and Landowner Assistance Programs, along with administrative responsibilities for budget development, legislation, and policy supporting those program areas. Prior to assuming the position of Deputy Director for the Department, he was responsible for the Forest Practice program for Timber Harvesting Plan review and approval for plans submitted to Cal Fire’s Santa Rosa office. He came to the Department after 25 years in the private sector with responsibilities for management of timberlands owned by Fibreboard Corporation in Tuolumne and Calaveras counties. He also worked as the Chief Forester for Georgia Pacific’s Martell Division and subsequently spent time in Georgia Pacific’s Fort Bragg operations where he was responsible for activities associated with reforestation, pre-commercial thinning and timber stand improvement. He is the current chair of the Northern California Society of American Foresters and Chair of the California Tree Farm Committee and served as an industry member on the Board of Forestry and Fire Protection from 1993 to 1995.

Bill looks forward to work as a RFFI Board member. “I am pleased to be serving on the Board and am hopeful that I can contribute to the success of the overall vision the community has developed for the Usal Forest.”

CONTACT: Lin Morgan Barrett
CONTACT INFO:  morgan@rffi.org
DATE: 3.24.2016