From the desk of Kathy Moxon

Board Chairman of the
Redwood Forest Foundation

Winter 2017

To RFFI Supporters, 

This is the year of birthdays– 20 years for RFFI and 10 years for our Usal Redwood Forest. First, thank you to the founding board who had the vision to believe that residents could take responsibility for the management of forests as a community asset, and the commitment to stick to that idea as it became a reality 10 years later. RFFI was envisioned as an organization that could facilitate, through ownership if needed, multiple communities throughout the redwood region to acquire and manage timberland for the long term well-being of both their communities and natural habitats. The first 10 years was spent building relationships between community mem-bers with very diverse perspectives to create a cohesive vision for community forest management.

Then came Usal, the opportunity to test of all that we believed could happen. This past 10 years has been spent striving to realize the potential of a working community forest and, while not there yet, I see the light at the end of a long tunnel. Progress is attributed to contributions from staff and community in time, talent and money–the change can be seen and felt.

As I look around the office, I see the change as the next generation grasps the vision and takes responsibility to make it a reality—through forestry, restoration, trail development and opportunities for citizen science. I am excited about the future and hope you are too. Support progress in the next 10 years by volunteering and/or giving to Redwood Forests for the Future.

Thank you,
Kathleen Moxon
Redwood Forest Foundation Chair