Thank You To All Who Joined Us
2019 Annual Meeting
Saturday, September 7 , 2019 
Parker Ten Mile Ranch,  Fort Bragg, CA

The tour, delicious barbecue and meeting were a rousing success. Thank you to our guest speaker, Dr. Jerry Franklin and our generous sponsors and donors listed below

Dr Jerry Franklin, Keynote Speaker
Author of Ecological Forest Management

Silent Auction

Featuring Donations From:

  • Benbow Inn
  • Little River Inn
  • Frey Winery
  • Fetzer Winery
  • Skunk Train
  • Husch Vineyards
  • Silver’s on the Wharf
  • MacCallum House
  • Mendocino Mushroom Club
  • KOZT
  • RFFI Board of Directors

Food & Wine Sponsors

  • Frey Winery
  • North Coast Brewery
  • WIlliam Lotus Acres
  • Thanksgiving Coffee Company
  • Safeway
  • Starbucks

Thank You To Our Event Sponsors

Redwood: Barnett Logging Inc., Daniel Leon Bruno & Associates, Pacific Watershed Associates, Douglas Fir, Lyme Redwood Forest Company,
Chinquapin: Baldwin, Blomstrom, Wilkinson & Associates, Inc., and Wynn Coastal Planning and Biology