Guidance For Our Future

Our Education Projects

Krenov School of Fine Woodworking

Since 2017, each class of Krenov students have had the opportunity to tour the Usal Forest and discuss silviculture & hardwood management. After the tour, RFFI delivers hardwood logs from Usal to the Krenov School for milling and drying. After several years, this wood will be ready for transformation at the hands of these craftsmen. You’ve heard of “farm to table,” but this is “forest to table.”

Linwood showcases a dense stand to Krenov students

Fort Bragg High School’s Anchor Academy

Despite all the stereotypes of technology-obsessed teenagers, these students from FBHS love to get their hands dirty! Under RFFI’s supervision, dozens of students have removed invasive species and planted native seedlings at Otis Johnson Park in Fort Bragg and Selkie Cove in Albion. These events are focused on creating thriving ecosystems and forests for generations to come.

Proud students behind a pile of removed invasive plants

More Information Here: Otis Johnson Park Event

Restoration Education Partnership – Humboldt Redwoods Interpretive Association

For many students living inland of the Lost Coast, there are few opportunities for hands-on, coastal education. RFFI supports the programs of the Humboldt Redwoods Interpretive Association by facilitating access along our internal road network to get students to Usal Beach. RFFI also provides students with educational presentations from restoration and forestry professionals. This is a golden opportunity to inspire the next generation of forest workers and environmentalists.

Students walk along the Peter Douglas Trail near Usal

Oral History Video Series

With generous funding from the Community Foundation of Mendocino County’s Charles F. Flynn and Walker B. Tilley Fund for Sustainable Forestry Tilley Grant, RFFI is embarking on a process to record the past and present history of the Usal Forest. This project is centered around long-form oral history interviews telling the rich, sometimes controversial stories of our founders. Read About Our Projects Here

Camera rolling on Usal Beach’s majestic Roosevelt Elk