RFFI Interviews

Oral History Project- Bill Heil & Linda Perkins

RFFI's Oral History Project serves to document and highlight the rich history of the Redwood Region, the Usal Redwood Forest, and the Foundation itself through expansive, long-form interviews with many of the influential and [...]

RFFI and Cali Roots Interview About Planting 800 Redwood Seedlings

Cali-Roots: For those just learning about RFFI, can you explain your mission as an organization?RFFI: Sure! The Redwood Forest Foundation is a grass-roots, non-profit organization that acquires, protects, restores and manages forestlands and other related [...]

KZVX Interview With Jeff Calvert, Cal Fire, Re Usal Conservation Easement

Jeff Calvert of California Fire talks about the Conservation agreement with Usal Redwood Forest Company to monitor the 50,000 acres working forest. Read more about the agreement on the Cal Fire news release. [...]

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