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Community is the cornerstone of this bold experiment known as the Redwood Forest Foundation, Inc (RFFI). We are pioneering a new community-based ownership model for managing and restoring forestland. As a grass-roots organization, RFFI was formed by and is guided and governed by community stakeholders. While our work is centered in the redwood region of northern California, our community has grown to include supporters and advisors from around the world. We value and rely on your involvement.

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Current benefits offered to members include:

  • Newsletters with information on community forestry, Usal and RFFI activities, and more
  • Invitation to special tours and events

We look forward to connecting with you, our community, and making our vision a reality.

There are many ways to participate, advise and keep in touch with the work we are doing.

We look forward to connecting with you, our community. Let’s make our vision a reality.

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