Meet Travis Munoz, Usal’s Newest Forest Technician

The Redwood Forest Foundation is pleased to announce that Travis Munoz has joined our Usal Redwood Forest Company (URFC) as a Forest Technician. Travis started on June 1, 2018 and tells us “I’m excited to start working in a forest that emphasizes the communities that depend on it. ”

Travis graduated from the Humboldt State University in May 2018 with a BS in Forestry, with an emphasis in natural resource conservation and minors in wildland soil and fire. He has extensive experience in forestry and fire fighting. Mr. Munoz worked for Grayback Forestry out of Merlin, Oregon, serving the heavily forested southwest corner of Oregon. His work focused on fuels reduction, mainly pre-commercial thinning and piling. In the summers he served as a firefighter throughout Oregon.

Travis is an avid, exuberant fisherman

During the hiring interview, Linwood Gill, URFC Chief Forester, asked Travis what interests him the most about being a forester and he replied, “Siliviculture. Trying to figure out how we can manage the trees to achieve a long-term objective for the forest.” Linwood knew then that Travis would be a good addition to our team.

Travis is familiar with local coastal redwood forests. He worked on a research project in Jackson State Demonstration Forest. He conducted field work measurements with a graduate student under Dr. John-Pascal Berrill studying regeneration after variable density forests in Jackson State.

Travis grew up in Fremont, CA and graduated from Mission San Jose High School where he played interscholastic football and baseball all four years. He and his girl-friend, Andrea, are happy to be moving closer to the Lost Coast and are planning a trip into that remote area soon. RFFI welcomes Munoz to the URFC staff and is pleased to have someone of his varied experience and education on the team.”