Partner With RFFI To Honor Your Employees and Customers

Join the growing number of regional and national companies that partner with RFFI to have redwoods planted in honor of valued customers and employees.In each instance, the client, employee or their family receives a lovely tailor-made certificate to commemorate the occasion. RFFI has many partners who have established programs planting redwoods as a special tribute. Contact Us for more information about this program.

First Federal Savings and Loan of San Rafael, CA, donates funds to the Redwood Forest Foundation to plant a redwood tree in honor of every customer who switches to electronic statements. First Federal chose to plant a coastal redwood because they are unique to our area and sequester enormous amounts of carbon.

At MMIT,  we believe that patients who need life-saving treatments shouldn’t face delays because of the barriers to accessing therapies. As the leading provider of market access data, analytics and insights, our expert teams of clinicians, data specialists and market researchers provide clarity and confidence so that our clients can make better decisions. Headquartered in Yardley, PA, MMIT donates in memory of an employee or employee loved one when they pass away.

Redwood Property Group of Manhattan, NY, is one of RFFI’s original business partners. They have a redwood tree planted for each new client. This year this successful commercial property management firm had 50 redwood seedlings planted.

California Roots, a concert and festival producer located in Monterey, CA makes a donation to have two redwood trees planted for each of the “Redwood Pass” VIPs that attend the CaliRoots Monterey Music and Arts Festival. In 2017, they supported the planting of 800 redwoods. They added support for planting 1800 redwood seedlings in 2018. And this year their generous donation will support the planting of 2400 redwood seedling during the upcoming winter. You can listen to the CaliRoots/RFFI interview here. California Roots values our partnership and featured RFFI in numerous media releases and at their Memorial Day week-end, California Roots Music and Arts Festival. Our reps at the festival greeted thousands and spread the RFFI message to eager new supporters!

Foundation Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm that supports entrepreneurs who are trying to build significant and enduring companies. As part of its 25th-anniversary celebrations, the firm is planting a redwood in tribute to each and every member of its team. The partners of Foundation Capital believe that “a society grows greater when people plant trees under whose shade they know they will never sit,” and are proud to further deepen the firm’s Northern California roots.

Money Positive,
a financial planning firm located in Austin, TX. Financial planner Lewis Weil has a redwood planted in honor of every new client. He has been so gratified by the response that he traveled to the Mendocino Coast to plant redwoods and set up a volunteer financial residency. He spent a month with our partners This Will Take Time in Point Arena, CA to help local residents with financial planning.

Gensler, a San Francisco-based architectural firm, made a substantial donation to have 450 redwoods planted for employees and clients to celebrate the holidays!

Tree Media has been a Plant a Redwood Business Partner for three years. They donate to plant redwoods in honor of their clients. They are extremely pleased with the response. “Best reaction we ever received from an annual gift to our clients!” Leila Conners, founder of Tree Media, reported. Tree Media and RFFI are currently expanding this partnership. Leila and her film crew interviewed and filmed RFFI representatives for “Ice on Fire,” a Leo DiCaprio HBO documentary on climate change scheduled to be released in 2019.

RFFI is pleased to introduce Grez Guitars, a new Plant a Redwood Now business partner! Grez Guitars, a limited-production and custom builder of unique guitars, is based in Petaluma, CA. Many of their guitars are made of old growth redwood, salvaged from lumber used in historical building projects. Luthier, Barry Grzebik, is taking his commitment to sustainability one step further. Grez Guitars will plant a redwood seedling for every guitar that they sell!

The Grass Hopper Adventure Series, 
offering mountain-biking adventures led by a company located in Sebastopol, CA, has forged a strong a partnership with RFFI. Grasshopper partners with RFFI to host an exciting mountain bike race in our Usal Redwood Forest in October of each year, bringing 200 racers into the forest for an exciting and educational experience. Owner, Miguel Crawford, donates to have 300 redwoods planted on Usal to help offset the carbon footprint associated with the event.

Veteran motion picture still photographer, Ralph Nelson, considered to be one of the finest and most highly respected unit still photographers working today, has provided RFFI with beautiful redwood posters that will be provided to the next 25 business partners to help us promote our redwood tree planting program.

Mr. Nelson photographed these “California Coastal Redwoods” when he was working on The Majestic, which was filmed in Fort Bragg and elsewhere in the redwood region.

Consider partnering with RFFI to attract and honor clients and employees. Contact Us for more information.