Thank You To Our Regional and Global Donors, Partner & Supporters!

Thank You from the Redwood Forest Foundation- a small grass-roots organization yielding big results! Together we are bringing about social, environmental and economic change – establishing local control of forest resource management for the benefit of the community. Our innovative financial strategies use private dollars – loans and gifts – to leverage public and private funds to acquire, regenerate and sustainably manage large landscape forests.  Our successful climate action has attracted world-wide recognition and led to strong regional and global climate partnerships. The map above depicts our regional and global supporters. Our primary donors and partners, some of whom are listed above, are key to our effectiveness. Your generous gifts make a real difference.

Partnerships In Action

Profile of a Local Business

Since 2000, Jesus Vasquez, owner of Vasquez Reforestation, and his crew – all “locals”-have worked in the Usal Redwood Forest. They coordinate closely with URFC staff Joaquin Quintana and Travis Munoz, planting trees in the winter and clearing brush and thinning forest stands in the summer and fall. Vasquez appreciates the steady work: “We really like you guys!” This partnership is just one of many contributing to the local economy while strengthening the fabric of our community.  Read More Here

Tree Planting: Vasquez Reforestation crews

Tree Planting: Vasquez Reforestation crews planting redwoods in the final phase of an extensive watershed restoration project that removed roads to reduce siltation and improve conditions for an important Coho Salmon spawning stream.

Vasquez Tree Reforestratopm Crew

Vasquez Reforestation crew before leaving to thin overstocked stands in Usal’s shaded fuel break area. This will reduce the fuel load and provide biomass for biochar processing. See “Building Healthy Fire Resilient Forests”

High School Forestry Challenge Competition Comes to Usal Redwood Forest!

Diane Dealey Neill, Executive Director, Forestry Educators Inc., has used the COVID-19 restrictions to seize the opportunity to work with RFFI and our Usal Redwood Forest Co. staff in the first ever Virtual Forestry Challenge. Forest Operations Manager Jeff H. is leading the Challenge effort for URFC. The Forestry Challenge is an academic competition for high school students interested in the field of forestry. Arranged in 5 one-week competition sessions, student teams will review recent cruise data and outputs from Forest Vegetation Simulator runs to make recommendations about restoring Mixed Hardwood Conifer stands in our 50,000-acre, remote Usal Redwood Forest.

High School Forestry Challenge

URFC foresters Linwood Gill and Jeff H. talk with Diane Dealey Neill during a recent site visit to Usal Redwood Forest.

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Young Philanthropic Musicians Donate Tips

Philanthropic Musicians

RFFI celebrates these young philanthropic musicians from Palo Alto High! In August the devastating wildfires inspired them to donate their tips to plant redwoods. “Great time to plant more redwood trees to protect our forests and the planet.” Left to Right: Owen Rice on bass (Jr) Phela Durosinmi (Soph) on guitar, Wesley Perlman (Soph) on drums and Reed Schulman (Soph) on guitar.