The Redwood Forest Foundation (RFFI) is celebrating Earth Week by sharing our newly completed video of redwoods being planted in Point Arena, in partnership with This Will Take Time, CaliRoots and Rhett and Link. 

This Will Take Time is a non-profit organization that is providing the land and ongoing stewardship of the 1,000 young redwoods planted there. RFFI provided the redwoods and the forestry expertise and stewardship of the ongoing partnership.  

Cali-Roots donated funds to plant 800 redwoods in honor of the 400 Redwood Pass-Holders (VIPs) that will attend the California Roots Monterey Music and Arts Festival on Memorial Day weekend. ” Rhett and Link of the Good Mythical Morning Show and their Mythical Beasts from around the world donated funds to plant 200 redwoods, ten of which were from Link in celebration of Rhett’s Birthday. Students from ACORN were among the many local volunteers who helped plant the seedlings.

Special thanks to Heidi Gundling, Elias Henderson and Jeff Becker who captured this event on film and in photographs.

RFFI treasures this partnership and the opportunity to advance redwood reforestation, offer climate solutions and engage the global community.  PLANT A REDWOOD NOW!