Opportunities For Recreation

McCoy Creek Trail

This monumental project will eventually provide the first sustained, public access to the Usal Forest in over a century. Spearheaded by the RFC, we recently completed the planning & design phase led by RFC member Louisa Morris. The blueprints are in place, and we are currently identifying funding opportunities.

Usal Hopper Mountain Biking Race

RFFI has partnered with the Grasshopper Adventure Series to host an annual mountain biking race through the Usal Redwood Forest. The race features three loops between 32 and 60 miles long with 4,100 to 8,500 feet of elevation change. Not for the faint of heart!

2021 Registration is now open: http://grasshopperadventureseries.com/rides/usal-hopper-lost-coast/

Usal Hopper Video
Courtesy of the B-RAD Foundation