Redwood Forest Council

  • Front Row L-R: Steve Smith, Kim Rodriques, Bill Heil
    Back Row L-R: Roger Sternberg, Grant Johnson, Sharon Edell, Gabriella Levine, Linda Perkins, Nonae Sears, Amy Wynn, Chris Williams.
    Not pictured, Heidi Knott Gundling.

Lillian Frazier, a member of the Cahto Tribe, has played a pivotal role in RFFI’s development, forest management practices and in developing an understanding of native peoples historical forest practices

Jim Larson was the former Board Chair of the Save the Redwood League and has retired from his practice in estate planning and trust law. He is a highly valued RFFI advisor.

Advisors meet with RFFI forest managers to review and advise on proposed Timber Harvest Plan at McCoy Creek

Gabriella Levine, a retired physician who is restoring  her own riverfront property to redwoods, serves on the Redwood Forest Council

Jeff Hedin, pictured here on the left along with RFFI Board member Richard Gienger, has served as a RFFI advisor since we purchased the Usal Redwood Forest in 2007