Redwood Forests For Our Future

Invest In Ecology & Economy & Social Equity In The Redwood Region

RFFI Accomplishments 2009-2019

– Restoring five watersheds ($5 million)
– Removing 26 miles of detrimental roads
– Installing over 200 in-stream large wood structures
– Planting over 135,000 redwoods
– Sequestering 4.8 million metric tons of carbon
– Pioneering forest-based biochar production & research
– Initiating Reist Ranch acquisition.
– Contributing over $3.5 million to the local economy
– Managing California’s largest forest carbon project
– Maintaining full compliance with our loan
– Four years of FCS® certified timber production
– Creating living-wage jobs
– Sponsoring local community events.
– Maintaining working environmental, financial and community partnerships
– Involving adults and K-12 students in hands-on environmental education
– Establishing Chinquapin Springs Acorn Grove for Native American use
– Engaging community to advise forest management
– Providing forest recreation activities
– Mobilizing more than 200 volunteers.

Your Gift Supports:

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Do You Want To Make A Difference?

If you want your gift to have real impact, to improve lives, and even change the world, forests are a great place to begin! A gift to the Redwood Forest Foundation has tremendous impact.

According to the United Nations, an estimated 18 million acres of forest are lost each year. The most disturbed forests in the world are in the United States. Forests are critical to supporting life on this planet! They play a vital role in solving the worsening climate crisis. Forests are among the most powerful natural solutions to climate disruption. The Yale School of Forestry tells us that mature forests “are the ones that are going to add the most carbon in the coming decades.” The actions we take in the next decade will be critical to avoiding irreversible damage from climate change.

Working forest conservation easements prevent development, fragmentation and allow owners to restore forests while supporting life. Forested watersheds provide drinking water for over 180 million Americans. The RFFI model creates jobs and improves economic opportunity in depressed rural communities. The RFFI model of acquiring and restoring depleted forestland for the benefit of the community is creating a model of large-scale forest conservation and is eliciting global interest. We receive daily requests from others asking for our help. We need your support to assist them by sharing the RFFI model. Your donations help us continue our work of acquiring and protecting forests and to extend our help to others seeking to embrace this approach.