Seize This Opportunity
Help RFFI Purchase and Protect Reist Ranch Forest

RFFI has embarked on our second forest purchase! Now, the successful campaign to acquire the forested Reist Ranch can be completed with your help! This 95-acre richly forested homestead is located entirely within our Usal Redwood Forest, and provides critical access to areas of Usal.

The Reist Ranch is located about five miles from Leggett, CA. just off of Highway One. The richly forested land, with old growth trees and sensitive meadows, has been in Katharine Baker’s family for nearly 100 years. Her memories of spending time at the ranch and the family’s interest in preserving the old-growth and sensitive meadows, and assuring the property will be managed sustainably, led the family to RFFI. They significantly reduced the purchase price to assure the old growth will be protected and that the forest will be sustainably managed. In exchange for their generous donation, RFFI has agreed to conserve the forest, protect the old growth grove and sustainably manage the land in perpetuity.

RFFI has already secured about 85% of the funding needed for purchase and associated studies and reports. Present funding is through grants and the generous price reduction from the Bakers (Katharine and her husband John). In addition to meeting final acquisition costs, there is an urgent need for environmental clean-up, structural repair and stabilizing failing roads. The vacant ranch buildings will be lost if not restored soon and the roads provide critical access to areas of our Usal Redwood Forest. Initial funding will help complete the purchase and make these repairs.

Acquiring the property is only the beginning. It will open up exciting possibilities for both the forest and our community. The area where the ranch buildings stand has water and electricity, and will provide future community access to Usal. With adequate support, we envision development of the site as a community research facility, educational center or field office.

Acquisition, restoration and improvements will be paid for entirely by charitable gifts and grants. Please help RFFI acquire this property and lay the foundation for these future projects. We are close to our goal. We need to raise $300,000 to finalize the Reist Ranch acquisition and begin restoration, so please give generously.