RFFI’s Mural Project

The Alleyway Art Project is bringing a series of murals to downtown Fort Bragg CA.  RFFI is very excited to be part of this project! Following is a series of photos showing the progress of the mural.

Inspiration For Mural

“As I considered how I was going to transform this wall I knew that I wanted to capture more than just the look of trees. I wanted to capture the experience, the awe that comes from gazing upwards in a thriving forest and seeing sunlight streaming through the branches. I wanted to capture the acid green backlit leaves, the welcoming quiet, the feeling of lushness and abundance. Nature is inspiring, both in a pristine state, but also in a state of recovery. I see great beauty and hopefulness in the process of re-growth, decade upon decade, century upon century. It was great to work with RFFI and learn more specifics about mixed-age forests and their work on behalf of our local forests and community. All of the trees, plants and details of this mural can be found in RFFI’s forests.”
– Ryan Grossman, Mural Artist