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Redwood Forest Foundation Team News

Meet Emily Ellickson-Brown RFFI & Usal’s New Business Manager

Emily and her son, Ray, backpacking on the Lost Coast near our Usal Redwood Forest The Redwood Forest Foundation is pleased to announce that they have hired Emily Ellickson-Brown as the new [...]

Meet Elias Henderson, RFFI’s Program Director

RFFI is pleased to have Elias Henderson working with us again. Eli is a Mendocino Coast native who has spent most of his life working to improve communities locally and globally. He dons many [...]

Meet Joaquin Quintana, RFFI’s New URFC’s Forestry Technician

Clearing a road in USAL Redwood Forest Joaquin Quintana was hired as a full-time Forestry Technician for the Redwood Forest Foundation’s Usal Redwood Forest Company (URFC) in March 2017. [...]