Dear RFFI Supporter

As we approach the end of 2021, it is a good time to reflect on those things that are important to us—family, friends, community, health, peace and stability.  We all need to do our part.  You can help RFFI contribute in the following ways:

· Protect clean air and water

· Address climate change through capturing carbon

· Restore habitat to protect biodiversity, especially for threatened and endangered species, and

· Provide local jobs and products that support economic vitality

The simplest way to accomplish all of this during this Holiday season is to make one year-end gift to the Redwood Forest Foundation, Inc. 

For 2022-2025 RFFI has identified three priorities:

1.     Create specific forest management objectives for increasing carbon sequestration, biodiversity and watershed health.

2.     Strengthen scientific and indigenous partnerships and increase community engagement opportunities.

3.     Continue to build financial capacity for sustainable management creating a model for other forested lands.

This year RFFI registered an additional 252,000 metric tons of carbon in the Usal Redwood Forest (4.6 million tons since 2016) — carbon that will be sequestered for 100 years.

In collaboration with other regional partners, we were awarded a 2021 Forest Health Grant focused on improving fire resiliency of Usal as well as other adjacent lands.  This grant will help us prepare to reintroduce prescribed fire to our lands in coordination with local indigenous tribes reducing debris on the forest floor improving forest health. In addition, we will be working with local fire suppression units to improve coordinated response, keeping people and communities safer.

Maximize your impact for future generations as you bring in the New Year.  Please include RFFI in your holiday giving.  Gifts will be immediately invested in forest health, biodiversity, climate change mitigation improving the future for local communities and the world. With your gifts RFFI can continue to be an inspirational model for management of forests across the United States.

Happy Holidays!

Kathleen  E. Moxon
Interim President & CEO
Redwood Forest Foundation, Inc.
Usal Redwood Forest Company, LLC