Usal Redwood Forest Monitoring Reports

Internal and external reports, updated regularly, that compare observed conditions in the Usal Forest to previous baseline conditions, allowing RFFI to report compliance with laws and regulations, detect trends, assess current management practices and identify opportunities in the future.

Forest and Environmental Monitoring

2019 URFC THP Monitoring Reportpdf icon .2 MB
2018 URFC THP Monitoring Reportpdf icon 1.8 MB
2017 URFC THP Monitoring Report pdf icon 11.8 KB
2016 URFC THP Monitoring Report pdf icon 0.1 MB
2015 URFC THP Monitoring Report pdf icon 0.1 MB
2014 URFC THP Monitoring Report pdf icon 0.2 MB

  • Monitoring of completed harvest operations
  • Annual summary of timber harvesting, harvest volume, harvest acres and silvicultural systems used
  • Annual summary of THP related sediment source sites and treatments
  • Annual Timber Inventory Volume
2019 URFC Roads and Water Monitoring Reportpdf icon 0.5 MB
2018 URFC Roads and Water Monitoring Report pdf icon 0.1 MB
2017 URFC Roads and Water Monitoring Report pdf icon 0.4 MB
2016 URFC Roads and Water Monitoring Report pdf icon 0.1 MB
2015 URFC Roads and Water Monitoring Report pdf icon 0.1 MB
2014 URFC Roads and Water Monitoring Report pdf icon 0.2 MB

  • Summary of Road Maintenance Activities
  • Summary of monthly water drafting reports
  • Environmental Enhancement: type, number of sites, volume of sediment savings and total costs of treating sites

(confidential – please contact RFFI directly for information)

  • Acreage Changes
  • Land Acquisitions and Disposals
  • Annual Timber Harvest Volume
  • Annual Timber Inventory Volume Depletions
  • Annual Timber Inventory Growth
  • Forest Inventory Accomplishments
  • Inventory Methodologies
  • Volume by Species
  • Net Timber Producing Acres by Site Class
  • Intensive Forest Management (IFM) Activity Summary
    (Planting, Vegetation Management, Burning, Biomass)
  • Historical Intensive Forest Management (IFM) Treatments
  • Annual Carbon Report

Biological Monitoring

2016-2019 NSO Monitoring Reportpdf icon.26KB
2016-2018 NSO Monitoring Reportpdf icon0.2.5 MB
2015 NSO Annual Monitoring Report pdf icon 0.3 MB
2014 NSO Annual Monitoring Report pdf icon 0.4 MB

  • NSO THP surveys
  • NSO Population Monitoring
  • NSO Site occupancy/ status
  • NSO Banding
  • NSO Reproductive success
  • NSO Density
2019 Fisheries Monitoring Reportpdf icon 1 MB
2018 URFC Fisheries Monitoring Reportpdf icon 0.7 MB
2017 URFC Fisheries Monitoring Report pdf icon 0.6 MB
2014 URFC Fisheries Monitoring Report pdf icon 0.7 MB

  • Summary of surveys
  • Class I Channel Monitoring
    (Conducted during THP lay out. DFG level 2 protocol)
  • Stream channel Large Woody Debris (LWD) Monitoring
    (part of Class I Channel monitoring)
2019 URFC Botanical Resources Reportpdf icon 0.2 MB
2018 URFC Botanical Resources Summarypdf icon 0.2 MB
2017 Botanical Resources Summary pdf icon 0.2 MB
2014 Botanical Resources Summary pdf icon 0.2 MB

  • Summary of botanical survey season
  • Sensitive species found
  • Invasive species
  • Annual Surveys
  • Cumulative vascular plant species list for all surveys – 2007 to-date

Social Impacts Monitoring

Summary Social Assessment Report 2019pdf icon 1 MB
Summary Social Assessment Report 2017 & 2018 pdf icon 0.2 MB
2014 Summary Social Assessment Results pdf icon 0.1 MB
2013-4 Money spent in local community on goods & services pdf icon 0.1 MB

  • Employee and Contractor training programs
  • Number of direct employees and contract employees
  • Charitable giving, community donations, scholarships, matching grant funds
  • Stakeholder Input Form – Appendix D
  • Other community inputs (media reports, political, etc.)
  • Native American activities, including harvest of acorns and other traditional materials

Business Monitoring