Young Philanthropists Inspire Redwood Reforestration

Donations to RFFI’s redwood reforestation program fund redwoods that are typically planted in honor of a donor’s loved ones, family or clients. RFFI plants baby redwoods in redwood forest in California’s Redwood region. Honorees or their families receive a lovely certificate with a customized message acknowledging the donor. Some of the most moving tributes have been inspired or supported by young people. Many remarkable young people are influencing the world of philanthropy.

Elizabeth Finley Broaddus

Friends and family memorialized Finley’s love of the planet with a generous gift and moving tribute. Finley, a Virginia resident, had established her own foundation in support of environmental causes at the age of seventeen. Read about Finley’s remarkable contribution to improving conditions on our planet.

William Tyler Huber

William’s loving family immortalized William’s commitment to improving the environment, love of trees — redwoods, in particular — with multiple gifts dedicating redwood trees in his honor. William’s love of redwoods was fostered at Chatelherault Country Park in Hamilton, Scotland. His legacy supports numerous foundations that work for causes he believed in and actively supported. Read about William’s charitable contributions and his concern for others.

Eden Lee Schubert in 2018 at the age of seven at Humboldt Redwood State Park

Eden Lee Schubert of Washington Becomes RFFI’s Youngest Member

Eden Lee Schubert, a nine-year-old girl from Washington, became RFFI’s youngest member. This young philanthropist was inspired to join RFFI during the catastrophic 2020 wildfires that were raging in the redwood forests. The nine-year old shared her thoughts. “Hi I’m nine years old. I went to the redwood forest one year ago. I bought a young redwood tree at the redwood forest gift shop, and it is thriving at my house. I think it is important to save the redwoods by becoming a member. I love climbing trees and my grandma and me love hugging trees. I think the redwood forest is beautiful and if enough people donate to the redwoods, they will thrive stay around for a long time for people to enjoy.” Learn more about Eden and her redwood.

Philanthropic Musicians

Pictured here from l to r: Owen Rice on bass, Phela Durosinmi on guitar, Wesley Perlman on drums and Reed Schulman on guitar. All are Sophomores but Owen Rice, a Junior.

Palo Alto High School Musicians Play to Support the Redwoods

In August 2020, an environmentally conscious group of Palo Alto School musicians played music in downtown Palo Alto as smoke and ash from the SZU Complex Fire drifted over the Santa Cruz mountains. All sophomores, except one, they wrote that the devastating wildfires inspired them to donate their $200 in tips to plant redwoods. “Great time to plant more redwood trees to protect our forests and the planet.”

Berkley Pelletier and His Younger Sisters

The Bedell family encourages philanthropy in their grand-children by having them participate in the family’s Dreamcatcher Foundation. Four years ago, then ten-year old Berkley Pelletier chose to designate his $1,000 donation for planting redwoods via RFFI’s Plant a Redwood program; he has since renewed the gift for three more years. Berk’s youngest sister, who along with Berk actually helped to plant baby redwoods in Redwood Regional Park on Earth Day, became RFFI’s youngest philanthropist at the age of four. Her 2014 gift supports 35 redwoods that are planted on a privately-owned preserve in Occidental, CA. With her second gift, she had 40 trees planted in a riparian zone along the Usal Creek in Usal Redwood Forest. In 2015, yet another young Pelletier joined the ranks of RFFI’s young philanthropists. Berk’s middle sister, a delightful 8 year old, made a donation to have 20 baby redwoods planted along with her sister’s. Read more about the Pelletier children’s significant contribution to redwood reforestation.

Silverwood Elementary School

In early 2016, the students at Silverwood Elementary School in Concord, CA joined the ranks of RFFI’s Young Philanthropists. The student council of this K-5 school, under the guidance of teachers, Shelley Harrison (pictures above, left) and Delrae Tillery (pictured above, right) , launched an initiative that the students named “Change for Change.” The catchy slogan captured both the intent and method of the campaign.

The young leaders spearheaded a campaign that collected change from students and faculty to be donated to RFFI, an organization that they felt was working to bring about positive change to the environment. Read more about Change for Change at Silverwood Elementary School.

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